With millions of dollars in assets hundred or even thousands miles away how do you know where it is when you need it? Until today the only cost efficient way was to have hope and faith that nobody would use or take your asset without you knowing.  Nothing is more frustrating than driving for hours with a crew only to get to the site and the equipment that was there last week is now gone.  Just think of all the money lost from a crew waiting not to mention the hotshot service needed to bring them what they need to start the job. 

With GPS Your Way, we are able to customize a low cost high quality GPS network for each customer.  Unlike our competitors we do not tell you what you need we allow you to select services a` la carte for a bulk discount pricing.  This has been accomplished by using top of the line GPS units and industry leading back office support.  The servers are currently operating at less than 10% of capacity due to the fact they were just upgraded in spring of 2014.  Most other companies give you a choice of a few GPS transmitters and want you to make it work.  We offer a wide range from small magnetic units to totally self contained with 7 years of battery time.    

Due to the cost most companies until now could not afford to put GPS on all their assets.  Making them choose between what pieces they thought might get stolen and which ones they hope won’t.  Since we have made this service less expensive our companies can put it on all their assets.  

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