GPS Your Way

Why our customers invest in GPS tracking

No Long Term Contract

We give you no reason to leave and provide you every reason to stay.

Save Fuel

Eliminate unnecessary miles driven during both authorized work time and unauthorized non-working time.

Reduce Driver Speeding

Speeding increases fuel consumption and risk. Eliminate unsafe driving and improve your public image.

Reduce Vehicle Idling

Idling wastes fuel. Monitor idling and reduce excessive idling by your drivers.

Improve Maintenance

Increase your gas mileage, set up notifications for oil changes, belt tightening, etc. Your vehicles deliver the best mileage when they operate in peak condition.

Get Alerted

Know whats happening right when it happens. Fleet tracking supports many pre-set activity alerts, and archives driver activity for 3 months.

Watch Your Entire Fleet

Seeing is believing. Monitor driver behaviour and control how you use your fleet. Trust, but verify.

Prevent Unauthorized Use

Tracking helps to eliminate this problem at the source. Save money and eliminate false accusations.

Decrease Your Labour Costs

Time is money. Get accurate records of driver hours and eliminate manual time-sheets.

Improve Your Productivity

Get more work during the work hours.

Enhance Customer Service

Fleet visibility makes servicing customers easier and provides the tools to inform your customers while they are on the phone. Know who to send, where they are, and when they arrive.

Get Safer And More Accurate Vehicle Information

Drivers shouldn't be talking on the phone while driving, driver may not be providing you the most factual or accurate information.